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** Logic Puzzle of the Day **
Train Your Brain
This online game will activate your gray matter in a few minutes. Just count, memorize, search and calculate! Try to solve as much as you can without faults and maybe you can reach the high-score. It's free and without registration. Click [Start Game] and go on!

Game Instructions
The whole gameplay takes only 3:15 minutes and consists of four simple games: counting, memorizing, searching and calculating. Try to be as quick as possible. You get one point for each correct answer and you lose one point if you get the answer wrong.

Counting - There is a number of circles with digits inside. Count the circles and click on the corresponding number! Time: 30 seconds.

Memorizing - Five characters (letters, digits and punctuation marks) are shown for 5 seconds. Memorize them! Just one of them will be shown afterwards together with other characters. Click on that specific one. Time: 60 seconds.

Searching - Try to find a random search term (such as "XFT") in a field full of different letters. The term could also be written backwards, up or down, but not diagonal. Click on the first letter of the term (in this example "X"). Time: 60 seconds.

Calculating - A simple arithmetic problem - addition (+), subtraction (-) division (:) or multiplication (x) is surrounded by different results (in circles). Click on the correct result! Time: 45 seconds.

Hints and Tips
Playing the game "searching" you must click on the first letter of the term. Nothing happens if you click on another letter of the search term (it's not a wrong answer) and you can try again. This is especially necessary with palindromes such as "EAE". If you click on the wrong side, there is probably no loss of time because palindromes are more noticeable and therefore easier to find.

"Memorizing": The characters are shown for 5 seconds. To gain time, you can go on sooner than after 5 seconds by mouse-click or by touching the screen.

"Counting": The results are always between 7 and 15.

"Calculating": The results are always positive and never over 200.

You can play all the games with mouse or finger on tablet.

Data security
We collect data needed for record lists as well as IP-addresses to prevent cheaters.

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BTW, our name is Vinckensteiner and not Vinckenstein, Finckensteiner, Finckenstein, Vinkensteiner, Vinkenstein, Finkensteiner or even Finkenstein.