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ABC End View - online
How to play
Logic Puzzles of the Day
How to play ABC End View
For Abecedarians - Get to know ABC End View puzzles
An ABC End View Puzzle consists of an empty grid, where you have to fill in the letters A,B,... (depend on what is noted in the instruction). Each letter appears only once in every row and column. The other cells stay empty. The letters outside the grid indicate which letter can be seen first from that position (skipping empty cells).

Other names for this kind of puzzle are: ABC-Puzzle, Buchstabensalat and Easy as ABC.

A short example

(Move mouse over image to show solution)

Fill the grid with the letters A and B. In every row and column there is only one A, one B and one empty cell.


There are variants where the letters must also fit in the diagonals.

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