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Hidoku - solve online
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Logic Puzzles of the Day
How to play Hidoku
Don't be afraid of number snakes - get to know Hidoku and play online
The goal of Hidoku is to build a number snake from the first number to the last one. The numbers in the grid help you to find the path. Enter the missing numbers in the grid by puting the next consecutive number in one of the eight neighbouring cells (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal)

This logic puzzle was invented by Dr. Gyora Benedek, an Israeli mathematician, and it is also known as "Hidato".


(Move mouse over image to show solution)

In this little example you have to enter the numbers 1 to 16.

How to solve: Next to the number 6 there are only two empty cells. Therefore the neighbours 5 and 7 must be in these two cells, but you can't exactly tell where. Now we know that these two cells are reserved, therefore the number 3 can only fit in one of the two cells below number 4. Counting the cells from 1 to 4 you notice that the only place for the number 3 is the cell on the left side below number 4. Now we can see that number 2 only fits into the cell below number 1. Next we place the numbers 5 and 7. 7 can't be in the upper cell, because then there wouldn't be a place for number 8 . Therefore number 7 only fits between 2 and 4. And so on ...

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